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Five-Year Strategic Plan Draft Feedback

There are 13 questions in this survey.
Feedback Questions
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How familiar are you with the GNOME Foundation and Project?
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What aspects of the proposed Strategic Plan excite you the most?
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Do you believe the proposed Strategic Plan addresses the current challenges and opportunities facing GNOME?
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What areas of the Strategic Plan do you think could be improved or expanded on?
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Overall, how optimistic are you about the potential impact of the Strategic Plan on the future of GNOME?
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Is there anything missing from the proposed Strategic Plan that you want to suggest?
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How likely are you to actively contribute to the implementation of the Strategic Plan's initiatives?
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How important is it to you that the GNOME Foundation regularly communicates updates on the progress of the Strategic Plan?
Demographic Questions
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What is your age?
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What is your county of residence?
What is your gender identity?
Which of the following best describes your involvement with GNOME?
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