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Post Community Engagement Challenge Survey

We are always looking to improve and would like your assistance. Whether you submitted a project or not, we would appreciate your feedback on the 2021 Community Engagement Challenge. Your feedback will be essential to helping us improve future Challenges and contests. This should take approximately 5 minutes. Thank you!
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Survey Questions
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Did you submit a project for the Community Engagement Challenge?
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Thank you for submitting a project to our inaugural challenge. We would love your feedback on the experience. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 being needs improvement, what did you think of the following.
Please indicate N/A if not applicable.
Challenge concept
Submission process
Challenge application questions
Access to the necessary information
Online chats
Rocketchat Channel
Rocketchat Office Hours 1
Rocketchat Office Hours 2
Twitter Sessions
Phase Two Showcase
Phase Three Showcase
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Did you participate in the social media chats (ie. office hours)?
Why not? Please check any of the below options if they were a contributing factor to your participation.
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Did you think the application/submission process was clear?
If no, please explain.
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Did you find the application questions relevant?
If no, please explain.
Why not?
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Thinking about the future, is there a different type of Challenge that you would like GNOME to host?
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Do you have any general feedback on how to improve future challenges?
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Would you or your company be interested in sponsoring a challenge?
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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a future challenge! Let us know how to contact you.
Thank you for your time, your feedback helps us create even better future challenges!