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2024 GNOME Asia Location Proposal

There are 20 questions in this survey.
Location Information
(This question is mandatory)
Where is your proposed location?
Please list the City and Country.
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Location Overview
Describe the location and why it is a good fit for GNOME Asia. Please include relevant facts about the city and a description of the area.
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Venue Overview
Describe the venue. During the conference, we will need space for two presentation rooms/auditoriums for up to 200 people for three days.
Venue Details
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What are the proposed dates for this location?
GNOME Asia typically happens in November or early December.
Local Support
Local Team Members
Please provide the full names, email addresses, and project/company affiliations and roles for each member of your team.
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What kind of local support is available in this location?
Are there GNOME community members, other groups, open source communities, universities, government, or industry affiliated with GNOME or open source?
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What kind of sponsorship leads are in the area?
Are there any local companies, open source projects, or groups willing to sponsor GNOME Asia and GNOME?
Travel Information
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How will attendees travel to the location?
Please list airports and connections including availability of direct flights and common costs for traveling from Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. List available train and bus stations and routes.
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What are the visa requirements for visiting this location?
GNOME Asia attendees come from all over the world, please summarize the entry and visa requirements for your country.
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How will attendees travel within the city?
Please list local transportation options for getting around the city, traveling from airports/bus/train to accommodations, and traveling from accommodations to venue.
Accommodations, Dining, and Social Events
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Accommodation Options
Please list the types of accommodations available near the venue and the average costs.
(This question is mandatory)
Dining Options
Please list dining available near the venue and average costs - include options for providing coffee at the venue, lunch nearby, and dinner in popular areas.
(This question is mandatory)
Social Event Options
GNOME Asia typically includes 1-2 events during the conference days, each including food and drinks with space for up to 200 people. Please list options for hosting these events and average costs.
(This question is mandatory)
Group Activity Options
GNOME Asia typically reserves the last conference day for a group social outing or sight-seeing activity, list ideas/options for this outing.
(This question is mandatory)
Please list the estimated cost for hosting GNOME Asia in this location. Include venue costs, AV costs (live streaming, etc.), average coffee break costs, average social event costs, and any known banking or money transfer fees.
Budget Spreadsheets or Charts
If you have a spreadsheet or chart to further explain costs and budget, please provide it here.
Additional Information
(This question is mandatory)
Collection of Data and Ability to Communicate about GNOME Programs and Opportunities
The GNOME Foundation uses its events in locations around the world to encourage participation from new audiences in the GNOME Project. If your proposal is accepted, we will need your help to communicate our programs and opportunities related to GNOME Pathways, a program that engages new developers and users in our organization, providing them with access to mentoring, internships, training, economic empowerment, and leadership opportunities. We will also need your help gathering demographic information for all event participants and photographs documenting the diversity of event participants. Please let us know if you can assist with these tasks or have questions about them.
Is there any other information you would like to provide about your proposal?
Supporting Documents
If you have any additional documents or photos you would like to share with your proposal, please include them here.